The Gingerbread House

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Vegetarian Catering

Sample Menu 2018

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Main Course

Also available as ready meals

from 7.00 per person

Lasagne Layers of lasagne, roasted seasonal vegetables in rich tomato, garlic and basil sauce, bechamel sauce and vintage cheddar cheese.

Layers of roasted aubergine, potato slices in a spiced and herbed tomato, onion and grated carrot sauce with a cheese and egg sauce.

Mushroom and nut roast Moist nut roast with lots of seasonal vegetables and tasty mushrooms
Chick pea and vegetable curry Rich tomato and onion based curry with chick peas and seasonal vegetables
Creamy Tofu and vegetable coconut curry

Creamy coconut based curry with tofu and seasonal vegetables



Casserole of chunks of squash, peppers, carrots and potatoes in a thick, rich paprika tomato sauce finished with a swirl of cream or creme fraiche
Chilli Mexican style stew of red kidney beans mixed with seasonal vegetables in a chilli tomato sauce with coriander.
Baked halloumi couscous Delicious mildly spiced couscous with seasonal vegetables, roasted cashew nuts topped with halloumi cheese.
Spinach and feta cannelloni

Tubes of cannelloni filled with a delicious mixture of spinach of spinach, feta, mature cheddar, red onion, pesto. Topped with a rich basil and garlic, tomato sauce

Refried bean enchillada Tortillas filled with delicious refried beans, mushrooms, sour cream and cheese. wrapped and folded into parcels and topped with tomato salsa and cheese.
Pasta Bake Pasta spirals in a tomato, basil and cheese sauce with roasted peppers, courgettes and onions, topped with cheese.

        Puddings and desserts

from 3.00 per person  

minimum 8 people

Chocolate mousse torte Rich chocolate brownie base topped with a thick layer of delicious chocolate orange and cointreau mousse, decorated with chocolate curls
Lemon meringue pie

Traditional delicious pastry case, lemon filling and meringue topping


Sticky toffee pudding Caramel & treacle sponge with dates topped with sticky toffee sauce decorated with fudge pieces
Treacle tart Pastry case filled with delicious mixture of golden syrup, coconut lime breadcrumbs. Decorated with latticed pastry.
Bakewell tart

Pastry case, strawberry jam, sponge all topped with royal icing and cherry


Fruit pie or


Seasonal fruit pie or crumble - Apple, rhubarb or mixed fruit



Traditional Madeira sponge soaked in fruit juice and sherry (optional), fruit jelly, peaches, custard and double cream
Fresh strawberry and lemon Lemon, jelly, strawberries, custard and double cream
Tiramisu Italian trifle - Madeira sponge soaked in coffee and amaretto liqueur, mascarpone cream custard and double cream topping


Lime Gingerbread biscuit base with lime cream/cheese layer, lemon and lime curd topping
Lemon and chocolate Chocolate biscuit crumb base with lemon cream cheese layer and lemon curd topping
Raspberry or blackcurrant and vanilla Digestive biscuit crumb base with vanilla cream cheese layer and raspberry or blackcurrant topping.


Strawberry Cream Sponge layers, fillings of whipped cream, strawberry jam and fresh strawberries
Gin and tonic and a slice Green and yellow lemon and lime sponge layers, fillings of lemon and lime curd with gin and tonic chantilly cream. topped with gin and lemon icing
Red Onion background art 2011 by Adele Karmazyn